In a sea of sameness, the cobistyle brand stands apart.

Unlike many decor brands based on trend, cobistyle is based on the bold idea that your home should reflect your unique character and make you happy.

cobi ~ collection of beautiful ideas can be described as pretty, worldly, exciting, and vibrant.  The attitude is lively, charming, joyful and like Cobi herself, it has an inclusive and approachable design point of view. It’s a fresh and timeless take on traditional - both familiar and new at the same time. 

The cobistyle brand consists of collections, inspirations and ideas all embodying Cobi’s personal style and spirit -  classic, comfortable and chic. cobistyle makes home a happy place to be, brimming with colour and personal character.

To date, cobistyle has partnered with many distributors, suppliers and manufacturers to create home decor products in the categories of accessories, bedding and bath, drapery, fabric, furniture and lighting.  Products can be found in retailers across Canada and the US.  Cobi’s unique design direction and ability to connect with consumers distinguishes cobistyle products in a busy marketplace.

Cobi is always open to working with new partners to create exciting products. Currently she is working on a personal accessory line and a few surprises.