cobi’s home office - take 2

Some of you may remember the story I did about my home office back in 2009 when I was working out of our little studio in the backyard. Well we changed things up a few years ago and I’m now working inside the house in our kid’s former ‘playroom’ over the garage. It was a space that wasn’t being used much anymore and it’s simply more convenient for my business of product development and design which involves lots of schlepping. Have a look…


Lots of shelving and nooks and crannies for all my crap - I mean stuff…


I like to leave things out so I enjoy and don’t forget them, so the open shelving is perfect for me. I call it organized chaos.


I’ve incorporated a lot of my favourite cobistyle products we’ve had over the years like this lamp and bulletin board…


Tea is one of my favourite things and so there’s always a tray on the go.


This old sofa (my grandmothers originally) is loaded up with cobistyle pillows and sometimes used for an afternoon siesta, I must admit.


This cobistyle chair from Silva Custom Furniture is a great spot to curl up with the many magazines I still purchase and tear inspirational pages from.


The room has some original drawers that work well for office supplies. As you can see, I’ve never met a shelf or drawer I didn’t like!


I have the shelves labelled for different products and areas I collect images for, so that when it comes time to work on something, I always have a pile of visuals to get me started.


See how happy I look working in my home office? Haha…I actually am!


I’m surrounded by some of my favourite things. I still dream of owning a shop some day, but this will have to do for now.


I’ve always been influenced by Chinatown and the beauty of the gems that are hidden there…


There are a couple of closets in the room where I keep my special clothes for dressy events.


I know I’m lucky to have this space to call my own.


And I especially feel that way when I make myself a pot of afternoon tea. Thankfully this room had original plumbing and so it was easy to install a simple unit from IKEA that saves me from running down to the kitchen.


If you want to read more about my office, pick up the Special Organizing issue by Style at Home magazine.


It’s on newsstands now until mid-October.


I’m thinking it’s good motivation to keep my office organized so they don’t make a liar out of me!