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home accessories, furniture,
drapery, fabric and lighting!

When I started cobistyle, I made a promise that I would never add to the marketplace more of the same. I believe your home should reflect your own unique character and make you happy. In order to do that, we need choices to fall in love with!

I’m so excited to present the cobistyle product line. I think you’ll find that in a ‘sea of sameness’, cobistyle stands apart. In my own home, I’m not really interested in trends and fads, just in creating a joyful backdrop for life – one brimming with colour, comfort and character. cobistyle products work now and will forever – great taste that’s fun and personal.

While developing this concept, I decided the only way to ensure great product was to work with leaders in their respective fields; companies who really know their specific category, be it fabric, furniture, drapery, accessories, or lighting. By marrying their expertise with my own vision for beautiful and happy homes, I think we’ve come up with something that will allow you to show your own unique style and spirit at home, while creating a gorgeous backdrop for your life.

Surround yourself with beauty every day and bring your home to life!

To find out where to shop for cobistyle products, click here.