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chinoiserie cobistyle

Posted by Cobi on Wednesday July 08, 2015 at 06:19 AM
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Apparently ‘Chinoiserie’ is french for “Chinese-esque”. The dictionary definition is “a style in art reflecting Chinese influence; elaborately decorated and intricately patterned”. I find it a little broader than that, encompassing a mixture of Eastern and Western stylistic elements.

Whatever it is - I like it! And you can clearly see that in cobistyle.

For example, have a look at our Asian toile drapery panels named Lewis

Q Design cobistyle drape on Etsy

Lewis is available online on and is one of our top selling patterns.

cobistyle Q Design Lewis drapery fabric on Etsy

I bought a pair myself and have moved them around the house to enjoy them in three different rooms - our dining room, living room and Bob’s office. They work with so many colours!

cobistyle Q Design Lewis drapery panel is lined

I realized only recently we have a cobistyle pillow with the same pattern / different colouration. At least I’m consistent.

cobistyle Chinoiserie pillow

What are the hallmarks of ‘Chinoiserie chic’?

Well, blue and white Chinese export porcelain for starters; such a classic.

cobistyle blue+white porcelain cobistyle porcelain ginger jar cobistyle blue+white porcelain stool

The look of bamboo whether in accessories or small furnishings …

cobistyle blue brass bamboo bar set

Fearless use of bold colour and natural garden-related patterns

cobistyle Lily bench by Silva

cobistyle ginger jar

cobistyle Flox bench by Silva

cobistyle chinoiserie painting

Chinese porcelain garden stools are a staple (so multi-purpose) …

cobistyle pierced white porcelain stool

And of course birds! Beautiful birds …

cobistyle white porcelain birds

cobistyle Birdsong shower curtain at Sears

cobistyle Burbank light fixture by ArtCraft

Crisp geometric patterns keep the look current …

cobistyle lacquer jewellery box

And natural rattan and caning makes sure it doesn’t become too precious.

cobistyle rattan and cotton magazine baskets

When metal is involved, it’s always brass and gold-tones over silver …

cobistyle gold and mirrored trays

cobistyle accessories

And when fabric is involved, you can’t go wrong with velvet

cobistyle Dahlia dining chair from Silva

cobistyle velvet drapery panel by Q Design on

Or really, anything pretty

cobistyle fan pillow

Clearly I could go on about this topic forever - that’s just a tiny taste of Chinoiserie cobistyle! If you’re interested to know more check out the blog Chinoiserie Chic or look up any number of wonderful books.

chinoiserie print

cobistyle accessories available in decor boutiques across Canada

cobistyle furniture available at these stores across Canada.

cobistyle bedding available at Sears Canada.

cobistyle lighting available at lighting stores across Canada.


Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 07/08 at 04:45 PM

I love cobistyle’s embrace of chinoiserie. The pretty patterns and gorgeous colours are both feminine and worldly.

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